Welcome to Get outta winter Camping 2019

Trip report!!

Thanks to those who went top get outta winter camping you made it and are now prepared to going Canada camping all summer.. 

The weather while not the best the rain wind and sun all were there. I personally was there late Friday however to my surprise there was several campers there already. The group together we told stories many of us went for hikes and are dogs got to run around overall a great time and we got to crash in our vw busses and other campers.. 

There was a bbq. we split lots of firewood together , had chili which was good and somehow I fit a bbq in my bus and we had a bbq all weekend. Everyone had a chance to play horse shoes, I think everyone took the nature walk. On sunday I was finally able to go paddling and that was the end of the weekend and summer began there.,.,

I really appreciate it that you came out to the event and hope you other folks show up next year or for other events listed on this page to. 

Check my page for more camping events page in the more events page

Have a Grateful day!


Hi, Thanks for stopping by are page. My names is Erb and me and few friends are hosting a campout at guelph lake conservation area. Are campout will be the second week of may 2020.

You will need to bring food, that's breakfast coffee, lunch, and dinner for 3 days of camping.  warm winter clothing, firewood, your vw bus, camping van, or camper or giant 52 ft bus , whatever makes you feel comfortable camping. Bring Kayaks, canoes  or fishing boat if you have them.

We will be camping on the beech by the washrooms site 69 was last years same year as my bus or maybe camping at sandy bay this year. There should be lots of spots available. One campsite is allowed two cars and a tent..hint ! hint..

The campsite there has decent flush toilets and nice showers a very close walk by. It is family oriented has 110v hydro so you can plug in your cool camper stuff.

You can decorate your vw camper the best decorated vw camper will get a special prize!

There is a goodie bag to help you with the weekend!

and if you ask nicely i'll make you a t-shirt. :)

We will be having smores at the campfire a Canadian thing eh!!

We plan to have a bbq friday night 7pm and campfire and open Jam bring your guitar drums whatever you love to play your voice. Let us sing for joy of winter going away!!

saturday 7pm potluck at erbscampsite and campfire

On Saturday we will be meeting up at 10am to go take a nature hike across the dam takes about an hour we can drive are busses to the entrance of it.

On Saturday we will be having a potluck dinner at 7pm

--- Canoeing Kayaking ---

I am bringing the s.s. minnow the canoe that's made it to 20 years of this event.. here and far its been there your welcome to use it be responsible if you return it and it has paddles and a lifevest.. 


I normally go fishing every year for a little bit on sundays or before or after dinner. The watershed has many fish in it your likely to catch a small bass or trout. you can fish off the dock , on the island , or in your boat. Have fun catch a few if you can.


personally I like just chilling but if your so motivated I will bring a ball to play some soccer or some hockey sticks to play road hockey


I am bringing some cards to play card games if you want to arrange with your friends to play games under the canopy go ahead up to you. Bring your own games

Free VwSwapmeet!!

On sat after the nature walk If you want to participate in the swapmeet you gotta go in the nature walk. 

from 12-5pm we will be having a vw swapmeet and hang out meet your friends have lunch together chat.. ect.. your welcome to come out briong your vw bring your parts lets swap. swapmeet to be held at my campsite you will get a spot there to swap bring your stuff lets swap parts and memories cheers erb.. 

open jam from 3pm-9pm Saturday at the campsite and Friday night too..

sunday morning bacon and egger breakfast

Other things to do are in guelph Friday and Saturday Guelph has a really great night life to go out to. There are some very distinct clubs and bars to go to and sleemans is here . there are beer tours and other things personally though I am just happy being campin.. 

Thanks hope to see you there!

Erb smith